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Activity Information

AVOHK Member – HK$150 per race or all four races     HK$500
Non AVOHK Member – HK$180 per race or all four     races   HK$600

Junior 13 (12-13)
Junior 15 (14-15)
Junior 17 (16-17)|
Open (18-34)
M35 (35-39)
M40 (40-44)
M45 (45-49)
M50 (50-54)
M55 (55-59)
M60 (60-64)
M65 (65-69)
M70 (70-74)
M75 (75-79)
M80+ (80 or above)

Junior 13 (12-13)
Junior 15 (14-15)
Junior 17 (16-17)|
Open (18-34)
L35 (35-39)
L40 (40-44)
L45 (45-49)
L50 (50-54)
L55 (55-59)
L60 (60-64)
L65 (65-69)
L70 (70-74)
L75 (75-79)
L80+ (80 or above)

In each race, medals will be given to the first three finishers in each category
For the Overall Series Awards, the best three race results will be counted, the first three runners in each category will be given a trophy and cash coupons (subject to number of entries per category).  In the event of a series tie, the result from Race 4 will decide overall award
Race Pack Collection

Race Number bib will be given out at the first race you run , you   should   keep this number bib for all races.

Strictly NO ENTRIES on the race day.  Updated entry list and detailed information will be posted on one week before each race
Red, Black Rainstorm, T8 warning issued by 6:00 am on race day, event will be cancelled.  We will attempt to reschedule the race.  Entry will not be refunded.